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Trial access to the Access Medicine database

Saint Nicholas is a little late, but he brings us a bag full of books, multimedia, quick reference materials, cases, flashcards, self-assessment tests...

In collaboration with the Central Medical Library, the publisher McGraw Hill provided all members of the School of Medicine with trial access to the Access Medicine database.

The database contains 135 textbooks from McGraw Hill with supplementary materials for medical students and professionals working in the biomedical and healthcare industries, including over 900 clinical examples, 1,000 videos, and 11,000 questions and answers. The trial period will end on January 31, 2024.

Remote access to the database is enabled by creating personal user profiles or via Shibboleth - using the AAI@EduHr credentials.

A handy mobile app is also available.

Overview videos:

AccessMedicine brief overview video

2-Minute Student Overview Video