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Book loan

Employees and students from the University of Zagreb School of Medicine enrolled in all levels of study programs, employees of the Clinical Hospital Center Zagreb, students from the University of Zagreb School of Dental Medicine are welcome to join the Central Medical Library and borrow books.

Library membership is obtained through registration in the Library database. Users’ rights and obligations are defined in the CML Rules and Regulations.

Books from the Student Collection can be borrowed, while books from the Monograph Collection and the University Hospital Centre Medical Library can only be used in the reading room. Journals, thesis, dissertations and reference collection (dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks) can also be used only in the library.

Employees can borrow 3 books for a maximum of 7 days

Students can borrow a maximum of 3 books for a period of 30 days. The rules and terms of book loan are defined in the Borrowing books section.

Other users are welcomed to use the library fund in the reading rooms.