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Bibliometric services and certificates

Central Medical Library performs bibliometric analyses and issues certificates on indexing and the number of citations of published journals papers. Certificates are used in procurement of scientific, teaching and professional titles, membership in associations and editorships, applications for projects, funding, enrollment in doctoral studies, etc. The indexing and citation of published papers is checked in international databases:

Who can request a certificate?

Certificates are issued upon user's request, free of charge. They are issued in e-form and signed with a digital signature, usually within 3 working days.

The requests form employees and associates of the University of Zagreb School of Medicine and the University Hospital Center Zagreb are prioritized.

You can submitt your request via our online form, send it to the e-mail address or deliver it in person to the Central Medical Library. In the request, it is mandatory to state the purpose of the confirmation and attach a chronologically ordered list of works.

UZSM PhD students' scientific activity is registered and assessed trough the Web Application for evalution of PhD candidate’s scientific activity

Request a certificate:

Dina Vrkić

senior librarian
bibliometric analysis, systematic searching


 01 4566 918